WdKA X IN10 bootcamp attendees win prestigious graduation awards

On July 14th the Research Award ceremony for graduates of the Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA) took place. One day earlier the Drempelprijs, issued annually since 1962 by the Municipality of Rotterdam, was awarded. Graduate students Chloë Severien and Fleur Peters both won an award with their innovative concepts. IN10 guided them and eight other students during their graduation process with a creative business bootcamp, set up in collaboration with WdKA Commercial Practices.

Photographers: Emma Wackers (left) and Selma Hengeveld (right)

Drempelprijs Commercial Practices - Chloë Severien

In response to the fast fashion industry, Chloë Severien has developed a system to do good for nature: infinite re-usable knitwear. It is based on knitting and the use of reinforced recycled PET yarn. Using this system, garments have been developed that are pleasing to the eye and can be unravelled to knit into new garments. Infinite re-usable.

''The bootcamps helped me a lot to get back to the core. What is the real purpose of my project? And who is my target group? Speaking of that made it essential to get things done and make the right choices. One of the reasons that I won the Drempelprijs is because I have thought through the plan in every way. That would not have been possible without the bootcamps.''

Chloë Severien

Photographer: Lana Prins

Make-up artist: Jesse de Graaf

Models: Saskia Oever & Florence van Sitteren

Designs: Chloë Severien

Jewellery: Nena.Origins 

Second prize Research Awards - Fleur Peters

‘The Light Conductors’ is a material-based research about light, colour and glass. Fleur Peters used this graduation project as a stepping stone for her career as a product designer. With her ‘Conductors’, Fleur explores the boundaries between, product and public space which resulted in a pavilion for Rotterdam Central Station. The sun changes during the day and so are the ‘Conductors.’ She uses the sun as a source to create moments of wonder and wellbeing. The Light Conductors a visual dialogue between craft, the public and the sun.

''By analysing and reflecting on my concept, my project has become much deeper and more thoughtful. Also on a commercial level. I actually designed something very big, but thanks to the bootcamps I realized that I could also think smaller. I can continue to develop my project, also for other target groups. It does not stop now that I have graduated, it is only beginning.'' 

Fleur Peters

When art meets business

The creative business bootcamp was offered to students to help them take their concept and strategy to a higher level. They developed a commercial vision under the guidance of IN10 employees. The students thought about how they could ultimately market their idea and what it takes. The bootcamp was subdivided into four steps:

  1. Future Scoping: What is the ultimate version of my idea? What is my vision?
  2. Value Proposition Canvas: What is the minimal version of my idea? The version with which I can enter the market.
  3. Pitches: How to pitch my idea for a jury of professionals and potential investors.
  4. Roadmap: How to prioritize the steps towards success.

The world needs a lot of creativity to meet today's challenges. IN10 is looking forward to helping more creative talents in their development.

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